About the Inn

The Seaside Inn has been providing great year-round lodging and atmosphere for family vacations, golf weekends and romantic getaways since 1997. The newly furnished, well-appointed rooms fit every taste and budget, while the rich culture, dining, sightseeing, sports and ocean adventure possibilities in the nearby village of Falmouth and beyond provide something for everyone. The annual Falmouth Road Race ends at our door, and we are a front-seat vantage point for the Cape Cod Marathon.

As any true Cape Codder knows, the peninsula becomes a different though equally vibrant place once summer turns to Fall and again with Winter’s descent. Cape Cod off-season is quieter, certainly; colder, definitely, but still a perfect place to getaway from it all and explore more deeply in an unhurried, soul-satisfying pace. For many, the beach in winter is as alluring as it is in summer and clear, crisp days allow our guests to see clearly to Martha’s Vineyard across the Sound.

For guests looking to wander the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, the Island Queen Ferry is within easy reach from the Seaside Inn.